Q1 I have allergies, will you accommodate special menus?

A1 We will try our best to accommodate your request. Let us know beforehand what you are allergic to on the “contact form.” However, please note there are times that we may not be able to work out a substitute.

Q2 Am I able to request menus?

A2 We are willing to answer your request as possible. Let us know the menu you wish in details on the “contact form.” Please note that since some ingredients are unpurchasable in some seasons, and depending on the cost of the ingredients, we may not be able to answer your requests.

Q3 How do I make payments?

A3 Payment is acceptable in cash only. There are bank ATMs nearby.

Q4 I am vegetarian, will you accommodate special menus?

A4 Please let us know specifically what you eat and don’t eat on “contact form” beforehand. For example, Japanese soup stocks are typically made of bonito flakes but in case you don’t eat fish, we will use mushrooms instead. Please note that we may not be able to answer all your needs.

Q5 Do you have pick up services?

A5 No, we don’t. The cooking studio is located in the central area of touring spot. (just a-minuite-wak from the Miyagawa Morning Market)

Q6 I am not sure if I will like the menus.

A6 One or two of the menus will be chosen from the most popular Japanese food among foreigners. The menus will be introduced on the website for you to grab ideas what you will be cooking. This “cooking class” is not just a lesson to learn Japanese recipes but it will be a precious experience for you to communicate with the locals and get in touch with the cultures. It is worth trying!!

Q7 Do you have private lessons?

A7 One class will consist of 2 – 6 persons. We will do our best to fulfill your needs. Contact us one week or more before your request date.